Formed under the name of „X“ in 1968, the story of one of the greatest acts in the history of heavy metal starts. Next to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, no band influenced the scene of heavy guitars as much as these Germans who changed their name to ACCEPT in 1971.

Their self-titled debut was released in 1979 and only a year later, the successor „I’m A Rebel“ followed, but it wasn’t until their third album „Breaker“ (1981) was published that ACCEPT gained attention from an international fan community. Soon they managed to conquer the Swedish and British charts and with „Balls To The Wall“ in 1983, a new chapter of heavy metal history was created. Gold status, US tours and more than half a million sold copies soon made ACCEPT a living steel legend and when „Metal Heart“ was released, excellent chart positions in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Finland and England prove that the world was ready for a true guitar inferno as only ACCEPT could start.

The next follow-up was the live album "Kaizoku-Ban (live)". With „Russian Roulette“ (1986) they entered #5 in the German charts, an achievement they never reached before. After vocalist Udo Dirkschneider has left the band, they published „Eat The Heat“ (1989), but the band broke up after their following tour and the album "Staying A Life (live)“ because of differences of their opinion.

The band returned with the album „Objection Overruled“. 1994 they released „Death Row“, which was criticized a lot for its modern orientation. On the album „Predator“ (1996) lead vocals from Peter Baltes (bassist) were first heard again since „Breaker“. To give everyone the opportunity to experience their fantastic tour event, they published the live album "The Final Chapter (live)" in 1997.

After a long break, ACCEPT returned with their album „Blood Of The Nations“ in 2010. This masterpiece is one of the biggest successes in their band history. The album was sold over 100.000 times, it reached range 4 in the German album charts, #1 in worldwide Myspace video charts (with „Teutonic Terror“) and they played shows with AC/DC in front of more than 150.000 fans. Moreover they were mentioned in countless media such as CNN, BBC News and the New York Times.

The successor »Stalingrad« maintained the high level with, yet again, over 100.000 records sold, followed by numerous nominations as “record of the year”, a completely sold out world tour and overwhelming chart entries (#5 in Hungary, #6 in Germany, #8 in Finland, #16 in the UK Rock Charts, #17 in Switzerland and #22 in Norway, to name but a few).

Now »Blind Rage«, the latest instalment in this amazing return, is ready to write history once more. The band’s creative streak has delivered a thunderstorm of riffs, only one Wolf Hoffmann is able to set aflame.

After nearly seven years, countless live sensations and three successful albums, with »Blind Rage« even achieving #1 in the official German charts, it is time: ACCEPT have bundled the energy, the rage and the thunderstorm of their 40-year career into a new live DVD, for the first time since their comeback. This result, with its catchy title »Restless And Live« will be launched on January 13th on Blu-ray and DVD, each equipped with two CDs.

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