Threshold are England's foremost progressive metal band. The latest chapter of Threshold's story sees the band signed to Nuclear Blast Records to release their 8th studio album "Dead Reckoning". Hailed as a "masterpiece" by Fireworks (UK) and Melodic Rock (AU), the album was written and produced by Karl Groom and Richard West, who have been with the band since Threshold's debut release "Wounded Land".

Formed in the late 1980s, Threshold combined their influnces of heavy metal and progressive rock to craft their own unique sound which was a far cry from the commercial sound of the time. "Wounded Land" was released on GEP Records in 1993, and was hailed as the best debut album of the year. The following few years saw three more album releases "Psychedelicatessen", "Extinct Instinct" and "Clone", and tours with bands such as Dream Theater, Enchant, Psychotic Waltz and Pain Of Salvation.

Threshold's original vocalist Damian Wilson featured on the first and third albums, taking a break in between while Glynn Morgan took over the role for the second album. By the end of the decade Threshold were signed to Inside Out Music and had established drummer Johanne James and new vocalist Andrew "Mac" McDermott among their ranks. Threshold's Inside Out era brought 3 more studio albums "Hypothetical""Critical Mass" and "Subsurface", a live DVD "Critical Energy" and long-awaited chart success for the band.

In 2003 bassist Steve Anderson joined Threshold replacing one of the band's founding members Jon Jeary. "Subsurface" was released the following year, hailed as "absolute perfection" by Darkscene (AT) and scooping 15 "Album Of The Month" awards across 9 countries, making it one of the essential rock albums of the year. In 2006 Threshold signed to Nuclear Blast Records and released their 8th studio album "Dead Reckoning" in 2007.

Described as "one of the finest slabs of prog since Dream Theater's Images And Words" by Canada's BW & BK, "Dead Reckoning" brought further chart success and "Album Of The Month" awards for the band, including their fourth consecutive award from Germany's prestigious Rock Hard magazine. Shortly after the release of the album Andrew "Mac" McDermott left the band, resulting in Threshold's original vocalist Damian Wilson stepping in for the tour. Also joining the band on stage in 2007 is Soliloquy's Pete Morten, filling in for Nick Midson who decided to take a break from the band at the start of the year.

From fall 2011 on, Threshold were back in the studios, in order to record their ninth album. Original Threashold-vocalist Damian Wilson (HEADSPACE, STAR ONE) will be back on this album, who already returned to the band in 2007 after the exit of Andrew 'Mac' McDermott, who tragically died back on 3rd August 2011.

The album will be entitled "March Of Progress" and will be released in 2012 via Nuclear Blast.
Progressive as always but stronger than ever - it’s not for nothing that the opus is entitled “March Of Progress”! With a total running time of almost 70(!) minutes, it marks the longest but yet most diversified release of the band’s entire career.

Over the course of the release of THRESHOLD’s overwhelmingly acclaimed new album “March Of Progress” on the 24th of August 2012, the decision was made to re-release the band’s seven albums of their pre-Nuclear Blast era, enriched with extensive bonus material. Revive THRESHOLD’s past and discover the timeless classics that earned them their legendary reputation through the Definitive Editions!

»For The Journey«, The successor for their 2012 output »March Of Progress« was produced by Karl Groom and THRESHOLD keyboardist Richard West at Thin Ice Studios in England and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox in Finland and will be released on September 19, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

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