Founded by Max and Igor Cavalera and, after a couple of unsteady lineups, rounded out by Jairo Guedes and Paulo Xisto Jr., Sepultura ignited the underground scene in 1985 when their debut EP “Bestial Devastation” appeared as a split record with local titans Overdose. The EP sounded raw, unpolished, and it was an instant hit with fans of bands like Venom and Celtic Frost. "MORBID VISIONS" (1986), their first proper album, hit the streets less than a year later, officially cementing Sepultura’s position as the most vicious underground band in Brazil. But it also were their last album with Jairo Guedez, who unfortunately decided to leave the band in 1987.

Andreas Kisser joines the band and replaced Jairo. The following album , Schizophrenia was a noticeable departure from the band’s previous material, introducing more complex riffs and song structures, while still retaining the fury of the earlier recordings. This album was bootlegged in Europe, selling 30.000 copies for which the band received no copyright profits at all.

The two albums Beneath the Remains (1989) and Arise (1991) followed.

With 1993′s Chaos A.D. came not only a change in locale, but a change in sound: the band moved to the United States and refined their music to rely more on groove than speed, laying the groundwork for their most dramatic changes yet.

In 1996 the album Roots was released. It was simpler, and in some ways heavier, than their previous albums, yet ripe with Brazilian influences from the cover image to the collaborations with Carlinhos Brown and the Xavanté indian tribe. But at their absolute peak in popularity, Max Cavalera departed the tribe, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Sepultura went back to their homeland with their new vocalist Derrick Green. The album Against, which sounds very angry and emotional, was released in 1998. They envisioned a sort of utopia with no countries, no borders, no wars on Nation and raged against political corruption on Roorback.

Amidst all this, the band continued to do what they always did best: play live. They played gigs all over the world and endearing fans to this new version of Sepultura. They also won video music awards in Brazil and elsewhere.
In 2006 after the release of Dante XXI and the following tour Igor (drummer) left the band.

The album A-Lex staggered some critics and pessimists declared the band dead. This album based on the classic novel “A Clockwork Orange”.

In 2011 the album Kairos was released via Nuclear Blast. This album was a new high-point of Sepultura’s career.

Their 13th studio album The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart was recorded in 2013. On this album, Sepultura retains the characteristic critical stance in their lyrics. Musically, it is a bomb, varying between fast, aggressive and brutal songs with others in which the weight of the groove forms a true wall of sound.

But there is no grave in sight for Sepultura. In 2015, the band is proud to announce not only their new single “Sepultura Under My Skin”, but also their “30th anniversary tour”. After touring Russia - from West to far East, in 17 epic performances - and taking the celebration of their 30 years to North America (including the first Rock in Rio USA of all time), the mighty Sepultura is ready to hit the road and thrash the world once again!

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