Fast Loud Death


LOST SOCIETY - Fast Loud Death

Released on: 2013-04-02

“Our debut album will be an old-school thrash oriented one that’ll surely leave a lasting impression”, announced front man Samy over the course of the signing with Nuclear Blast at the end of October 2012. A statement that now, in the light of the first record’s splendour, has to be classified as a modest understatement! Crafted under the aegis of famous producer Nino Laurenne (AMORPHIS, ENSIFERUM, LORDI) in the prestigious Sonic Pump Studios (FINNTROLL, SONATA ARCTICA, OMNIUM GATHERUM), the band’s debut “Fast Loud Death“ can already in the first quarter be ranked among this year’s best releases of its genre – despite all the outputs of seasoned long-established thrashers that may follow. It’s their fresh, catchy, highly energetic songs – forged in the fire of youthful passion under the sledge-hammer of boundless joy of playing, presented with a most likable winking snotty attitude – making LOST SOCIETY become unrivalled, even in direct comparison with old hands of the scene. That’s because the quintet adds pots of a special ingredient to its creative work that many routiniers have lost over the years: pure heart’s blood, overflowing with adrenaline. Beware: LOST SOCIETY will turn every social order upside down!

Track list Total runtime
1 - N.W.L. 2:22
2 - Trash All Over You 3:41
3 - E.A.G. 2:20
4 - KILL (Those Who Oppose Me) 2:17
5 - Bitch, Out’ My Way 4:02
6 - Fast Loud Death 3:26
7 - Lead Through The Head 3:13
8 - Diary Of A Thrashman 2:42
9 - Toxic Avenger 1:08
10 - This Is Me 2:43
11 - Braindead Metalhead 3:27
12 - Piss Out My Ass 2:00
13 - Fatal Anoxia 2:27
14 - Escape From Delirium 4:07
15 - I Stole Your Love (KISS cover song) 3:23

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