Lady In Gold


BLUES PILLS - Lady In Gold

Released on: 2016-08-05

”Lady Gold” is a character symbolizing death”, explains singer Elin Larsson of the intriguing album title. “We wanted to get away from the typical stereotype of the Grim Reaper.”

The mystical and dark references of the album title are echoed throughout a lot of the album - there’s the ode to the female “Keeper Of The Soul” on spiritual sounding title track 'Lady In Gold' and talks of failed salvation from a deceitful messiah in the soul anthem 'Little Boy Preacher'. There’s emotive blues ballads in 'I’ve Felt A Change' and 'Burned Out' and empowering post-heartbreak tales in 'Won’t Go Back' and 'Rejection'.

Similarly to the self-titled debut »Lady In Gold« was produced in Sweden by producer Don Alsterberg and they’ve captured on this album everything that’s made them one of the most talked about rock bands of the past few years.

»Lady In Gold« has entered the German album charts on #1 in its first week of sale. The record produced by Don Alsterberg (GRAVEYARD, DIVISION OF LAURA LEE, JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ, JERRY WILLIAMS) featuring cover art by Marijke Koger-Dunham (THE BEATLES, CREAM) was released August 5, 2016 and also entered the album charts in various other countries:

Switzerland: #2
Finland: #6
Austria: #12
Belgium: #19
Sweden: #27
UK: #31
France: #33
Norway: #36

Track list Total runtime
1 - Lady In Gold 4:31
2 - Little Boy Preacher 3:35
3 - Burned Out 4:33
4 - I Felt A Change 3:57
5 - Gone So Long 4:17
6 - Bad Talkers 3:11
7 - You Gotta Try 3:39
8 - Won't Go Back 3:56
9 - Rejection 3:34
10 - Elements And Things 4:52

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