Heavy Fire



Released on: 2017-02-03

There’s a beautiful purity to the finest rock ‘n’ roll, a thrilling simplicity in striking an over-amplified guitar chord, a transcendent joy in getting high on just volume, adrenaline and a backbeat. BLACK STAR RIDERS, lifers in an industry less secure than a secret in a soap opera, understand this, which is why »Heavy Fire«, the quintet’s third album for Nuclear Blast, sounds so fresh and exhilarating and alive.

Recorded with producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES, RUSH) at Rock Falcon Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, the follow up to BSR’s acclaimed 2015 release »The Killer Instinct«, finds the quintet - frontman Ricky Warwick, guitarists Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson, bassist Robbie Crane and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso - in electric form, crashing through 10 tracks of swaggering, life-affirming hard rock with a shared passion and power both irresistible and inspiring. It’s another compelling chapter in the storied career of a band Classic Rock Magazine hails as “the most vital classic rock act on the circuit.”

“It’s an album that showcases the very best of what we can do as writers and players,” says Scott Gorham simply. “And an album we think will have a real resonance with our audience. We were excited making it, and I think BLACK STAR RIDERS fans are going to be even more excited hearing it.”

“I had the album title almost a year before we started recording,” says Warwick, “and it refers to the fact that there’s so much going on in the world right now, and we’re bombarded constantly with information and technology designed to make our lives better and easier, but yet we don’t really have a clue where we’re going as a species. It’s kinda asking about how we deal with all that, how we negotiate our own paths in these sometimes dark and dangerous times.”

“I think it’s the most solid piece of work that we’ve done,” says Johnson, of the album as a whole. “Do we have songs on this album better than 'Blindsided', better than 'The Killer Instinct', better than 'Finest Hour'? I think so, but beyond that I think that our audience is going to recognise this as a complete work from top to bottom. We’ve grown as songwriters, we’ve grown as musicians, and I think you can hear that in the record we’ve made.”

Track list Total runtime
1 - Heavy Fire 4:28
2 - When The Night Comes In 3:16
3 - Dancing With The Wrong Girl 3:21
4 - Who Rides The Tiger 4:20
5 - Cold War Love 4:05
6 - Testify Or Say Goodbye 4:17
7 - Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed 3:38
8 - True Blue Kid 4:17
9 - Ticket To Rise 4:38
10 - Letting Go Of Me 3:44
11 - Fade (DIGI bonus track) 4:22

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