Thy Messenger


VADER - Thy Messenger

Released on: 2019-05-31

The polish death metal force VADER are currently re-arming themselves; after an armistice of more than two years, the "Thy Messenger" EP will bring back the thundering dark clouds of war in May, and it’s only the harbinger of an even greater, more monumental thunderstorm, that will rise in the sky in late 2019.

“We decided to record this EP because we knew that the coming full-length album wouldn’t be released until the end of 2019”, founding member Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek explains and added: “The new album should be completed by the end of May – exactly when our new EP, “Thy Messenger”, is due to be released worldwide”.

VADER were founded in 1983 and can count numerous victories within their impressive history. Starting with the demo “Necrolust” (1989), moving onto their debut album “The Ultimate Incantation” (1993), to the classics “De Profundis” (1995) and “Black To The Blind” (1997), “Impressions In Blood“ (2006) or “Tibi et Igni” (2014), the Polish death metal institution have clad the world with brutal blasts and driving rhythms, not to forget their latest strike, titled “The Empire”, from 2016.

And now VADER’s war machine sets off with “Thy Messenger” for another deadly strike. The EP contains five tracks with the power for infernal destruction, among them a heavy cover of the classic JUDAS PRIEST song ‘Steeler’, and a new version of their uncompromising song ‘Litany’. „20 years passed since we recorded that album - ‚Litany‘- in the Red Studios. The song itself and many others from this album have never been played live“. Piotr says, and giving an insight into the war plans for their live-conquest this fall: „That album is still one of our fans‘ favourites of the entire VADER discography, therefore we’re planning to revive the whole record in our live-shows this autumn.“

This new merciless EP was recorded in Hertz Studio in Białystok under supervision of the Wiesławski Brothers, while the sinister cover artwork was created by none other than Wes Benscoter, who also created the cover for VADER‘s "De Profundis" LP and already worked with other metal-giants like SLAYER, KREATOR and SINISTER.

“The EP contains three new songs – all quite short and fast but very aggressive and vicious, even for VADER-standards“, Piotr Wiwczarek continues. There’s absolutely no chance of escaping this incoming inferno. It’s closing in fast; with “Thy Messenger” due to be released on May 31st via Nuclear Blast, VADER unleash the tanks of death metal to destroy everything in their way.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Grand Deceiver 2:14
2 - Litany 3:09
3 - Emptiness 2:37
4 - Despair 1:18
5 - Steeler 4:03

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