The Sun And The Cold


OCEANS - The Sun And The Cold

Released on: 2020-01-10

All we know is just a drop. What we don‘t know is an ocean. As powerful as a tsunami and as eternal as the deep sea, OCEANS rose from the blackened heart of the void in 2018, embracing despair, wrath and darkness.

The sails are set. modern death metal mixed with 90‘s nu metal elements and spherical post rock make way for a dismal journey into the abyss. The lyrics, drenched in desperation and pain, constitute a bittersweet hollowness, though, never without eyeing the glimmer of hope that is the land on the distant horizon all before being dragged back down into darkness.

Behind the ambitious project are the already pertinently renowned German musicians Timo Rotten (vocals & guitar), Patrick Zarske (guitar), Thomas Winkelmann (bass) and the Austrian J.F.Grill (drums). Professionalism and lifeblood are vital parts of the quartet. After many concerts and tour cycles throughout Europe and North America with previous bands, the four musicians desire one thing in particular: to reignite the joy of playing music that comes purely from the heart.

For three long years they worked on brand new material and, in the summer of 2017 they culminated to form a new, albeit nameless, band. The following December saw the newfound group acquire the name OCEANS.

In May 2018, after months of preparation, the public gained knowledge of the musicians’ new passion project. The plan came to fruition and so, the #oceanstribe accumulated a devout following of thousands on their respective social media pages - even before their first release.

It wouldn’t be long until the release of their first single 'Scars.' On July 27th the song was released worldwide alongside a sinister music video. Shortly after followed the singles and spectacular videos for 'Icarus' and 'The Sound Of Your Voice,' which gained the band newfound interest within the independent metal community.

Then the unimaginable happened. Without ever having played a single live show, OCEANS signed a deal and released their first EP »Into The Void« via Nuclear Blast on March 8th, 2019.

In August 2019 the band followed up their debut release with the EP »Cover Me In Darkness« consisting of new and unique renditions of songs by the like of ALESSIA CARA, DEFTONES, RADIOHEAD and ALICE IN CHAINS. In support of the release, the band toured throughout Europe alongside CELLAR DARLING in the autumn of 2019 and announced that they‘d be returning to the road in early 2020 for a run with EQUILIBRIUM.

The full length debut album »The Sun And The Cold« is set to be released on January 10th 2020 via Nuclear Blast in a special limited edition double CD together with the first two EP‘s »Into The Void« and »Cover Me In Darkness.« OCEANS impressively continue to refine their mix of aggressive death metal with post rock on this first full length release marking the start of a promising career.

Track list Total runtime
1 - The Sun And The Cold 5:34
2 - We Are The Storm 6:01
3 - Dark 4:23
4 - Paralyzed 5:25
5 - Take The Crown 3:32
6 - Shadows 4:01
7 - Legions Arise 3:45
8 - Polaris 4:32
9 - Truth Served Force Fed 4:34
10 - Water Rising 3:34
11 - Hope 4:19
12 - We Are The Storm (Radioedit) (bonus) 3:47
13 - Polaris (Born Free-Remix) (bonus) 4:56
14 - Polaris (Don't Breathe-Remix) (bonus) 4:15

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