Not to be undimensional conscious


DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Not to be undimensional conscious

Released on: 1992-01-01

The second album by the grind trio Disharmonic Orchestra, Not to Be Undimensional Conscious almost rolls right off the precipice of madness, but has enough good taste and sensibility to rock steadily on the edge. The grind here ranges from rollicking mid tempos to frenetic bursts of blasting energy. Unlike many of the other fun loving grind acts of the early nineties, Disharmonic Orchestra's music actually contained genuine musicianship and something bordering on, but not quite embracing, subtlety. Besides the occasional forays into the maws of madness, the album is fairly linear; it is however punctuated with influences from both funk and fusion, influences that move the action away from the realms of Simply Interesting to the more expansive territory of Smashing Entertainment.Unlike most grind past and present, Disharmonic Orchestra's particular brand is defined almost exclusively by the bass and percussion. Oh, the guitars are there all right, grinding away and periodically feeding the listener some juicier variety of syncopation. However, the rhythmic kick is what really sends the music scurrying ahead; the bass is always audible and locked in rock fashion with the drums, drives the scratchy guitar lines and lends the music its slight funk dimension. Both the bass and drums go far beyond the call of duty, granting the overall music a playfully complex, though never overtly technical, vibe. The vocals are rasped but quite comprehensible by grind standards, the lyrics themselves ranging from satirical to just plain nonsensical verbal riffing- "Follow a biscuit to its empire" etc. There's even a rather comical parody of eighties rap available for your perusal on the album.Not to be Undimensional Conscious is a wacky adventure that simply must be experienced at least once in your life. Its novelty appeal alone (think of it: grind that is neither angry or violent and that actually contains formidable musicianship) is enough justification for checking out.Review by James Slone

Track list
1 - Perishing Passion
2 - A Mental Sequence
3 - Addicted Seas With Missing Pleasure
4 - The Return Of The Living Beat
5 - Groove
6 - Idiosyncracy
7 - Like Madness From Above
8 - Time Frame
9 - Mind Seduction
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