Instinct Gate


TIDFALL - Instinct Gate

Released on: 2002-01-15

Tidfall, the new Black Metal sensation from Norway, was originally created the winter of 1992-93. From that time, only fragments of music and compositions are left. The band was totally underground and played only local gigs. Throughout the year of 1995, Tidfall established a new line-up with Sorg on bass and Aftaneldr on synths. With the new members, they recorded their first demo, simply entitled "Tidfall". A few years went by, and in 1998, "The Black Psychotic Darkness", Tidfalls second demo, was to be released upon humanity. This demo was responsibe for signing a deal for their first album "Circular Supremacy" which was released on the 29th May 2000. The album gained a massive response in European metal press. In the meantime, a new change in the line-up took place, as it became clear that Rogon D. Bloodgraat (vocals and guitar) wouldn't fit with the plans that the band had for the future. He was replaced by Sorg on Vocals, and some time after Drako Arcane started playing the second guitar. After a time of rehearsing the new material, they headed back to studio and during April through March 2001, they did the “Instinct Gate”...recordings at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio. And this album will be one of the biggest sensations this year! Never before was a Black Metal album released with such a big intensity and power on one, and brutality on the other side. Songs like “Children Of Man”, “The Empire Of The Pleasures Of Flesh”, “My Wrathful Eyes” or the title track “The Key To The Instinct Gate” are real Black Metal classics and will bring the band to the top of this genre very soon. TIDFALL IS THE FUTURE!!!

Track list
1 - Children Of Man
2 - The Empire of the pleasures...
3 - My wrathful eyes
4 - Prophecy horizon
5 - Mind Raper
6 - The key to the instinct gate
7 - For what the flesh holds
8 - Domination complete
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