TIDFALL - Nucleus

Released on: 2003-10-09

With both “Circular Supremacy” and “Instinct Gate” TIDFALL created their own kind of Black Metal and became well known within the scene. “Nucleus,” their third album, is even more futuristic and unique. Another journey through their unique world, a trip you might never forget. TIDFALL was originally created the winter of 1992/93. After playing some local gigs, they established a new line-up with Sorg on bass and Aftaneldr on synths. With the new members they recorded their first demo entitled "Tidfall", followed by “The Black Psychotic Darkness" in 1998. It was with this demo that they were able to sign a deal for their first album, "Circular Supremacy", which was released in 2000. The album gained massive response in the European metal press. In the meantime, a new change in the line-up took place, as it became clear that Rogon D. Bloodgraat (vocals & guitar) wouldn't fit with the plans that the band had for the future. He was replaced by Sorg on vocals and some time after Drako Arcane started playing the second guitar. After a time of rehearsing the new material, they headed back to studio and during March and April 2001 and recorded “Instinct Gate” at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio. This album became one of the biggest sensations of the year! Never before had a Black Metal album been released with such big intensity and power on one side and brutality on the other. Songs like “Children Of Man”, “The Empire Of The Pleasures Of Flesh”, “My Wrathful Eyes” or the title track “The Key To The Instinct Gate” are true Black Metal classics and have brought the band to the top of this genre.2002 was the most prospourous year so far for TIDFALL, started out with a long european tour where the band finally got the chance to play live for the international fans. Although there where many problems with the organisation of the tour, the support from the fellow bands and the fans really made it a great time on the road. After the tour TIDFALL focused on writing new material. As things developed and time went by, it became clear that they wouldn't be able to release a new album within the boundaries of 2002. New ways of working with compositions and arrangements demanded thouroughness and time, and determined to make the new album the best possible they decided not to rush things. In late 2002 the material was finally ready. It had taken eight months to get it all togheter, but it would turn out to be one hell of a musical experience. During the cold winter months rehearsing sessions became more and more frequent, and early january 2003 the band set out on the frozen pre-production sea! Akkerhaugen Studios was again chosen as the best studio-option for the material. Taking into consideration that the studio had undertaken a great "facelift" from last time and were using the equipment TIDFALL was after. Torbjørn, the sound engineer they had worked with on the previous albums, also showed great interest in working with them again. So it came to be...In march the recordings started and finally all the effort put into the writing process paid off. The new album was recorded in three weeks; sixteen days of recording and one week of mixing. The result speaks for itself. Expect a more varied and an even more powerful and dynamic album. It's metal as good as it gets!

Track list
1 - Future Doom
2 - Nucleus
3 - Neo-Torment
4 - Mercury Mesh
5 - Soil of Tomorrow
6 - Psychotronica
7 - Zounds
8 - Exo-Skeleton
9 - Tech
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