Majesty And Decay


IMMOLATION - Majesty And Decay

Released on: 2010-03-09

Ever since the release of their debut album “Dawn of Possession” (Roadrunner) in 1991, IMMOLATION has been a driving force in the extreme metal scene that they helped define. Never a band to rely on their previous efforts, IMMOLATION has continued album after album to refine and hone their unique style and sound, creating some of the darkest and most adventurous death metal the scene has ever heard. With such classic albums as “Here In After”, “Failures for Gods”, and “Close To A World Below” (Metal Blade), as well as their more recent critically acclaimed releases, “Unholy Cult”, “Harnessing Ruin”, “Hope and Horror” and “Shadows In The Light” (Listenable/Century Media), the band has developed into one of the premier extreme acts of our time. Legends in the underground scene with over two decades under their belts, one of the most ferocious live bands out there… IMMOLATION does not look like they are letting up anytime soon!

With the release of “Majesty and Decay”, their first for Nuclear Blast Records, IMMOLATION has not only once again surpassed their previous releases, but has also without a doubt created their strongest, best produced and most crushing album to date! If a band has ever gotten better with age, IMMOLATION is the finest example. Recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios with long time producer Paul Orofino, mixed and mastered by the talents of Zack Ohren (Castle Ultimate Studios), and with the stunning artwork of Par Olofsson to complete the package, “Majesty and Decay” is an instant classic! With an even more violent militant edge, and some of the most disheartening musical landscapes the band has ever created, “Majesty and Decay” towers in size and scope, taking the listener to the darkest, bleakest depths that only IMMOLATION can provide. From some of the bands fastest moments recorded, to their most pounding unrelenting scores of depravation, “Majesty and Decay” has enough diversity and dynamics to lay the most die-hard listener to waste! If any album can define death metal today in its most true and matured form, this is it!

Experience IMMOLATION for yourself and revel in the Majesty and Decay!!!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro 1:19
2 - The Purge 3:18
3 - A Token Of Malice 2:41
4 - Majesty And Decay 4:29
5 - Divine Code 3:38
6 - In Human Form 4:04
7 - A Glorious Epoch 4:37
8 - Interlude 2:04
9 - A Thunderous Consequence 3:58
10 - The Rapture of Ghosts 5:19
11 - Power And Shame 3:44
12 - The Comfort of Cowards 5:52

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