AUDREY HORNE - Devil's bell - Digisleeve CD

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Devil's bell - Digisleeve
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Fuel to the fire – that’s what relentless hard rock outfit AUDREY HORNE ignites! What started back in 2002 soon took the Norwegians and their expertly-executed, riff-soaked fury all the way to the top of the rock scene. They were one of the first to rediscover and mercilessly plunder the sacred crypts of 70s and 80s radio rock, leaving naught behind for subsequent tomb raiders but Frank Stallone 8-tracks and broken pieces of Toto and Billy Joel imports. Four years after their much-praised album Blackout the Norwegians are back for more with their seventh album! Devil’s Bell is out on April 22, 2022 and proves to be a massive rock’n’roll album full of infectious earworms!


01 Ashes to Ashes
02 Animal
03 Break Out
04 Return to Grave Valley
05 Danse Macabre
06 Devil´s Bell
07 All is Lost
08 Toxic Twins
09 From Darkness

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Release Date Apr 22, 2022