HELL was formed in 1982 from the remnants of British metal bands "Race Against Time" and "Paralex", but despite more than five years of touring HELL was overlooked by music journalists who simply did not recognize the greatness of their music. The final blow came with their long-awaited record deal with Mausoleum collapsing as the label simply went out of business, followed by guitarist Dave Halliday's tragic death in 1987. At the front row of all the band's concerts stood then teenager Andy Sneap, who even learned to play guitar by Halliday just before he formed a band called Sabbat.

Later in his career Sneap went on to produce albums for the likes of Megadeth, Arch Enemy and Nevermore, to name a few. Today, Andy is a permanent member of HELL and is naturally responsible for producing the band's highly anticipated debut album, released on May 13, 2011 by major record label Nuclear Blast. HELL has now made a new recording of 10 classic songs from the '80s. Today, March 4, their first single "Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us" is being released, and the band is anticipated to have a brilliant career, at least if you sk their label "

It is about time that HELL got the international recognition that they deserve and that so many people who are unaware of this monster band finally get the chance to hear all these classic tracks" / Jaap Wagemaker, A & R Nuclear Blast" A well respected European rock magazine name this album as one of the best they've heard in 15 years, another one dares to say that this is the most interesting release to come out of England since Iron Maiden's "Number Of The Beast '... Michael Kohsiek of Rock Hard in Germany claims that this will be the album of the year! We are having an extremely hard time trying to sit still when we play HELL at the office... HELL will be making their only Swedish summer festival stop in 2011 at Rockstad: Falun.

In November 2013 their second album "Curse And Chapter" will be released. This album contains also the song "The Age Of Nefarious", which is also available as a seperate EP now.

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