Over 20 years after the release of their self-titled debut album, US-based death/thrash metal outfit ABOMINATION (feat. Paul Speckmanm) will re-release their legendary early material. The output includes the albums “Abomination” (1990) & “Tragedy Strikes” (1991) as well as the rare demos and EP. This double feature of a true underground legend is a must-have for all old school metalheads out there! This is the tracklist of the re-relase double feature: CD1: Abomination: 01. The Choice 02. Murder, Rape, Pillage and Burn 03. Reformation 04. Redeem Deny 05. Possession 06. Suicidal Dreams 07. Life And Death 08. Victim Of The Future 09. Tunnel Of Damnation 10. Follower (Bonus CD) 11. Impending Doom Demo (1988): 12. Over The Edge 13. Reformation 14. Impending Doom 15. Curses Of The Deadly Sin 16. Tunnel Of Damnation 17. Follower CD2 : Tragedy Strikes: 01. Blood For Oil 02. They’re Dead 03. Pull The Plug 04. Will They Bleed 05. Industrial Sickness 06. Soldier 07. Kill Or Be Killed 08. Oppression Final War (EP): 09. Face In The Crowd 10. You Could Be Next 11. Take A Sip Of Power 12. Man Created God 13. Mistaken Reality Demo (1987): 14. Victim Of The Future 15. Social Outcast 16. Raping The Grave 17. Possession 18. Doomed By The Living 19. The Truth This ultimate ABOMINATION legacy will be out November, 4, 2011 via Nuclear Blast!