The legendary BANG YOUR HEAD festival is just around the corner. The anticipation of the headliner ACCEPT couldn't be bigger. In view of the upcoming show, the band decided without further ado: A DVD will be created in Balingen, to document one of the present era's highlights with its line-up being rapturously acclaimed all over the country and the new masterpiece "Blood Of The Nations". Manager Gaby Hoffmann comments as follows: "The show in Balingen is the only one in the new life of ACCEPT that is going to be filmed! I expect the "Bang Your Head" to be both the ending and the highlight of ACCEPT's exciting comeback. Neither one of us - or the people who helped us - expected ACCEPT to be welcomed by the fans in this way. We're grateful and happier than anyone else and would like to close this chapter - with a cinematic documentation which shall capture the atmosphere in Balingen."