The new ACCEPT album “Blind Rage” is an international success, having just debuted on the World Charts at #14 - the highest ever World Chart placing in the band’s 30 year history. Tickets for the upcoming 2014 “Blind Rage World Tour" are quickly selling out too. Two weeks before the international release of “Blind Rage”, ACCEPT headlined shows, playing to audiences of 80,000 at Wacken 2014 and 750,000 at Woodstock Festival. These shows fired up the fans to buy “Blind Rage” and comfortably placed the band at #1 on the charts in both Germany and Finland, the top 10 in many other countries and #35 on the Billboard Top 200 in the US. The 2014 world tour kicks off with some very special US shows starting September 11th in California. The “Blind Rage World Tour” will pay special tribute to the tracks from the new album. Tickets and tour dates are available at See below for the global chart entries: World Charts # 14 Germany #1 Finland #1 Czech Republic #2 Hungary #2 Switzerland #9 Sweden #16 Sweden Rock/Metal #2 Austria #18 Norway #19 Japan #22 US #35 US Rock #4 Spain #39 France #44 Belgium #48 UK #85 UK Rock #9 UK Indie #15 Canada Top 200 #114 Canada (Hardcharts) #21 Statement Markus Staiger / Owner / Nuclear Blast: “We are proud and thankful to be part of ACCEPTs rebirth in 2010. With a number one position in the German Charts they climbed the to the top of Mt. Olympus. This is the reward of the consequent hard work of the band, their manager Gaby Hoffmann and Deville Schober and the whole Nuclear Blast team – together we stand strong!” Statement ACCEPT: “Four years ago we decided to start ACCEPT anew. Of course we hoped to reach the fans of Heavy Metal and leave a few more marks in its history. None of us would have thought that we could reach number one in the official German Charts. We would like to thank our team, our label partner Nuclear Blast, Warner Distribution and Brainstorm Music Marketing, all of who gave us enormous strength and the will to continue in order to make this happen.” What started in the mid seventies as a worldwide trademark, maintained its status for over three decades. ACCEPT is a phenomenon. The German Music industry invests Millions of Euro every year to build up new acts. If you include the budgets for artist finding and development the funding is higher than any other, even higher than the development and research budgets of the automobile industry or the pharmacy industry. (Source IFPI). Still only a vanishingly low amount of German artists manage to be internationally successful. ACCEPT is an inherent part of the international market, ranks among the biggest music exports from Germany and has influenced many innumerable bands both nationally and internationally. The release of their new album “Blind Rage” was on the cover of the most influential Rock magazines, anywhere from Brazil to Sweden. Adequate to the resonance is the upcoming tour: Beginning this Fall ACCEPT will be touring the US, Asia, Australia and Europe for the fourth time. ACCEPT was a celebrated headliner at the biggest Heavy Metal Festival in existence, WACKEN OPEN AIR, as well as the WOODSTOCK Festival in Poland, that broke every record with more than 750.000 visitors from every subculture and genre. The history of ACCEPT is even more unique: there are no drug scandals, no alcohol problems, no sexcapades, nothing for the boulevard press to write about – their personal history is as clean as the water from the mountains. The music stands alone and all for itself. An ACCEPT concert is a storm of Heavy Metal that lasts for hours, the real force of Rock’n’Roll, where the art of the music is the only thing that counts. ACCEPT was never, in the whole history, influenced by any musical trends or marketing orientated actions, there were no artificial radio singles or fictional media stories, no multimedia show with LED – screens. In the words of