German Heavy Metal band ACCEPT, after kicking off their tour, are launching a new fan community on Mobile Backstage to connect with their true fans. ACCEPT Mobile Backstage is a community for the most loyal fans of the band. It allows the band and their fans to interact and share their experiences in an intimate and personal environment, far from the noise and clutter of other social media. Fans can post content, send messages to other fans, find and check into gigs, see the location of other fans and their online posts, track the band when on tour, play music, and purchase tracks and tickets. Using Mobile Backstage, ACCEPT will be able to open a dialogue with fans and build a strong and vibrant fan community. ACCEPT Mobile Backstage is now available on iPhone, Android, Facebook and the web. Join ACCEPT Mobile Backstage – : / About Mobile Backstage Helsinki-based Mobile Backstage is a fan relationship management service that helps artists to connect with their True Fans. Easily accessible on the web, Facebook and mobile devices, Mobile Backstage lives wherever fans are, and strengthens every artist's most important asset – the core fan base. With Mobile Backstage, fans can send messages to other fans, invite their Facebook friends to join, find and check into gigs, and purchase tracks and tickets.