German heavy metal legends ACCEPT have entered the charts of several European countries with their new album “Stalingrad“! Moreover, the album has reached a sensational rank 81 in the US billboard charts! That’s the second best US chart entry in the band’s entire career of more than 30 years. ACCEPT’s guitarist Wolf Hoffmann is chuffed about the success. “What a roller coaster ride“, he states. “From the minute on we’ve tried a new start with Mark Tornillo in 2010 until today, we’re being surprised over and over again. The fans all around the world have judged and let us know that we’re important to them! There’s no way we would have expected that. Having entered the charts again with our new record “Stalingrad“ is a huge gift for us and we’re deeply grateful. We know that we would have never come that far without having the planet’s hottest metal label behind us: Nuclear Blast! They’ve given us a new home and their support is huge. But not only Nuclear Blast does a great job: We’ve got a management, a crew and lots of professionals around us, who give us confidence and power. We’ll try to show those people our gratitude by being the best ACCEPT of all time!” Here’s an overview of the chart entries for ACCEPT’s "Stalingrad": Germany: #6 Media Control album charts #4 Media Markt Charts #9 Saturn Charts #9 Müller Charts USA: #81 Billboard Top 200 #13 Top Independent Current Albums Charts #76 Top Current Albums Charts #7 Top Hard Music Albums Charts #7 Current Hard Music Albums Charts #29 Top Current Rock Albums Charts Hungary: #5 Album charts Finland: #8 Album charts Sweden: #10 Album charts #1 Rock Charts Switzerland: #17 Album charts Norway: #22 Album charts Czech Republic: #25 Album charts Austria: #32 Album charts UK: #32 Top 40 Indie # 2 Rock Charts Poland: # 46 Album charts France: #50 Album charts Spain:: #66 Album charts Canada: #101 Album charts # 7 Rock-Charts