Tomorrow is the day! The new ACCEPT album "STALINGRAD" will be released worldwide. "STALINGRAD" is a no compromise album from start to finish without a filler track anywhere to be found, sticking to the winning combination of working with producer Andy Sneap. The press agrees: „With "Stalingrad", many ambiances have been explored, from the most melodic parts to the heaviest. But Accept is still Accept. No doubts about it! The band has succeeded to keep its identity safe. A great salute to the talent of Mark Tornillo for having hallowed to keep the flame alive. Definitely a new era for the german legend !! METALLIAN (F) "Each Legendary Wolf Hoffman’ riffs, subtle in harmonies, new in melodies, sound like one song in the song… a Great and Powerful feat of strength" Metal OBS (F) Will 2012 be (again) the year of Accept? Hard to have doubts, given the quality of the new 'Stalingrad'... 'Stalingrad' is a complete confirmation. there's no need to look back, Accept do exist, here and now. METAL MANIAC (IT) „Teutonic terror goes on! Accept continues with traditional heavy metal stories, sharp guitar riffs and gigantic choruses. Modern hammering without forgetting it´s brave roots. We don´t need more.“ INFERNO - AADOLF VIRTANEN "With'Stalingrad' Wolf Hoffmann and his companions have proved even harder that they're back to stay, and that the fire still burns strong. This is HEAVY METAL!" LORDS OF METAL (NL) / Nima „Relatively stronger, richer, intricate, melodic and more exotic as compared to the previous effort, Accept’s “Stalingrad” looks set to rule the world of classic heavy metal.“ METAL ASSAULT (USA), Rating: 9.5/10 „Another work of genius from the absolute greatest metal band ever!“ POWERPLAY (UK) „And bow down, ladies and gentleman - after first seconds of the opening song, we know who is sitting on the throne of German Heavy Metal.“ TYRANTS OF STEEL (PL), Bart Gabriel – 9,5 / 10 “Stalingrad confirms the power and the energy of Accept's current line-up. A solid follower to the almighty Blood Of The Nations!” ROCK HARD (F) „To parallel their earlier career, if Blood Of The Nations, with it’s speedy anthems like ‘No Shelter’ and ‘Beat The Bastards’ was this incarnation’s Restless & Wild, then Stalingrad is their Metal Heart: a mid-paced, more varied, song oriented approach.“ BW&BK (Can), Mark Gromen So, get your copy directly in the Nuclear Blast Online-Shop: Or via Itunes (incl. bonus track + digital booklet):