GERMANY - The Mystery of Time, the latest release from German composer and vocalist Tobias Sammet's, Avantasia, released last week in North America, selling nearly 2,000 copies and checking in at #9 on the Billboard "Heat Seekers" chart. The record also debuted at #33 on the "Hard Rock" chart. The Mystery of Time can be purchased online through the Nuclear Blast web-store: and, or digitally via iTunes: 1.) Spectres 2.) The Watchmakers' Dream 3.) Black Orchid 4.) Where Clock Hands Freeze 5.) Sleepwalking 6.) Savior in the Clockwork 7.) Invoke the Machine 8.) What's Left of Me 9.) Dweller in a Dream 10.) The Great Mystery While Sammet has sold more than 3 million albums worldwide, The Mystery of Time easily set Avantasia sales records when it released in his native Germany last Month; it sold more than twice as many copies as any previous Avantasia album in the first week of its release, while rocketing straight to #2 on the official German Mediacontrol album charts. The record also cracked the Top 10 in Finland, Sweden and England. Check out the music video for "Sleepwalking" on YouTube at:, as well as a lyric video for "Invoke the Machine" at:, taken from the new album.