"The time has come - We are back on the road! Yesterday the tour started in Switzerland and it was a blast for all of us and I am sure for all of our fans as well. The band is much tighter than last time, everybody is having a great time and it feels just "right" to be up there. It feels right for everyone of us and right after the show we all came to the conclusion that it was the best thing to happen to go up on that stage again. Prior to the show I was a bit nervous, Michael said that this was his job, but I think he is happy that there is a chicken like me in the band. As soon as I was up there and the lights went on, the adrenalin-rush ran over the nerves. A three hour show was a bit of a risk, would we be able to keep it exciting? Well, down the line it was actually just around 2:45. My speeches were planned to be longer, but I felt that I should let the music do the talking, so the duration of the show shrunk a little, and I guess nobody missed the speeches. It felt great to see Michi and Kai on stage, it felt great to sing those ballads with Bob and of course I am having a ball singing those diabolic duets with Jorn. I am so looking forward to traveling around the world with my fellows, the next three weeks will be amazing for all of us and hopefully for all of you. For tonight's second show in Pratteln there are few tickets left for the walk up audience. I am so looking forward to 8 o clock! See you somewhere on tour. - Tobi"