Christmas is drawing near, and Tobias Sammet got his "Nutcracker suit" on already! If you listen to the Tobias Sammet Rockshow on Radio Bob ( on Dec 9th, 21.00 German Time you will get a world-exclusive pre-listening of the new AVANTASIA tune. On December 11th it'll be digitally available from iTunes and other platforms officially. Tobi comments: "'Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose' is a song I originally wrote with MEAT LOAF in the back of my mind - but for some reason the collaboration didn't happen, so I did the song myself. The choirs alone took more than 40 hours to arrange and record - for a four minute song! That pretty much says it all. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing and "More is more"! Have a great day!" Pre-order »Ghostlights« here: