AVANTASIA and mastermind Tobias Sammet made it (almost) to the top with their current album, »Ghostlights«: It went straight on #2 of the official German album charts! As if this was not enough: The album hit the charts in 18 countries on three continents. They also reached the finals of the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest with the first single, 'Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose'. But that's not enough for mastermind Tobias Sammet. Now, the charismatic vocalist brings a new masterpiece to the market of epic rock with the new single, 'Draconian Love'. Playful tunes meet thrilling guitar sounds. Tobias Sammet's remarkable voice duels with the raw, deep vocals of his duet partner, Herbie Langhans. Tobias Sammet tells how they chose the new single: "'Draconian Love' was the second single logically - the track isn't streamlined, but catchy." The fans were also a big part of the decision: "We're on tour for eight weeks now and we're playing the song every evening and everytime - from New York to Tokyo - the crowd goes nuts. So the fans made the final decision. To underline this fact, we recorded the video for the song together with our Brazilian fans at the final show of the South American in Sao Paulo two weeks ago." Watch the official live video for 'Draconian Love', filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, here: Order »Ghostlights« here: