A two-minute teaser with music from the upcoming five-song EP All I Want by Swedish doomsters AVATARIUM is now available on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ung3m3fiK5I The All I Want EP will be available on November 24th in North America as a digital release plus as imported gold or black vinyl via the Nuclear Blast Webshop: http://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/shop/. Guest percussionist on the title track is Michael Blair (TOM WAITS, LOU REED). The track listing for the All I Want EP is: 01. All I Want 02. Deep Well 03. Pandora’s Egg (Live) 04. Tides Of Telepathy (Live) 05. Bird Of Prey (Live) The three live tracks were recorded in 2013 at the Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands. Fronted by Jennie-Ann Smith, AVATARIUM is the brainchild of bassist & Swedish doom metal pioneer Leif Edling (CANDLEMASS) and guitarist Marcus Jidell (EVERGREY) and includes Carl Westholm (CANDLEMASS) on keyboards & Lars Sköld (TIAMAT) on drums. Theirs is a mesmerizing and beguiling combination of childhood lullabies, the dark landscapes in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the tenderness of human emotion, and the knowledge of the fleeting quality of our feeble human existence. In Hindu mythology, an avatar is the incarnation of a god on earth. The Latin “-arium” means “a place for.” In the words of Edling, an “avatarium” is “a place anywhere, of any size, where you can worship your demi-gods. Could be a singer, a politician, [Black Sabbath guitarist] Tony Iommi, an actor, a historical figure, porn actress, etc." Check out AVATARIUM’s “Boneflower” official video and “Moonhorse” lyric video on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB4brr7vf-P7MY6AXIIGRIla19h_f5bb9 Order AVATARIUM’s self-titled debut album from the Avatarium Landing Page: http://bit.ly/avatarium. Visit AVATARIUM online at www.AVATARIUMOFFICIAL.com. Like: www.facebook.com/AVATARIUMOFFICIAL Follow: twitter.com/_AVATARIUM Watch: www.youtube.com/AVATARIUMOFFICIAL