BATTLE BEAST – Finland’s finest in heavy metal – have hit the charts with their stunning second studio album »Battle Beast«! In their home country, the beasts have made a phenomenal #5, while in Germany, they’ve entered the official album charts at #82. The band joyfully comments: “A lot of things have happened since we first released »Steel« in 2012, and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. So making it to the top 5 - with music like ours - is purely insane! The fact we’ve even started making a dent on the German charts shows that not everything has gone wrong for us after all! Thanks to everybody who's purchased the album - we've proven that heavy metal is still alive and well.” Get the album now on CD, black vinyl, white vinyl or as a digital iTunes download: Be sure to watch: the official `Black Ninja´ video clip: track-by-track pt.1: pt.2: pt.3: the first album trailer: the album artwork trailer: Purchase the 1st single `Into The Heart Of Danger´ via iTunes: