The day has finally come: From this very second on, BEFORE THE DAWN’s new dark melodic death metal masterpiece “Rise Of The Phoenix” is out there in the physical and digital stores, waiting for you to purchase it and to discover its enthralling pitch-black, melancholic atmosphere! Trust the music press when they state: “A truly epic opus of melodic harshness that rings in a new era for BEFORE THE DAWN!” (Marcel Rudoletzky / METAL HAMMERGERMANY) “That man has got what it takes to write beautiful, melancholic songs!” (Bruder Cle / ROCK HARD GERMANY) “Tuomas Saukkonen is unstoppable!” (Oliver Schreyer / LEGACY) “BEFORE THE DAWN rise from the ashes to become an outstanding melodic death metal force!” (Björn Springorum / ORKUS) “Better than ever!” (Markus Eck / SONIC SEDUCER) “BEFORE THE DAWN embody the essence of melodic death metal.” (Heiko Eschenbach / METAL.DE) “I couldn't recommend this album more. It's well played, well written, amazingly diverse and just fucking awesome!”(STEELANDFIRE.ORG) Don’t hesitate to go for it – “Rise Of The Phoenix” doubtlessly is a moment of glory for BEFORE THE DAWN and the whole melodic death metal genre in general! Purchase the album at the Nuclear Blast web shop: or via iTunes: