Finnish dark- /melodic death metal icons BEFORE THE DAWN have creamed off the profits big-time at this year’s Metal Awards of their home country! The 8th annual Helsinki Metal Meeting, the most important Finnish metal music expo / indoor festival, took place at the Cable Factory in Helsinki from Friday, February 17 to Saturday, February 18 with about 3800 metal heads taking part in the festivities. Not only that BEFORE THE DAWN made it into the top-10 of every category, but main man Tuomas Saukkonen has also officially been honoured as “Musician Of The Year” for the 2nd time in a row! The honoree proudly states: "After over a decade of blood, sweat and tears for the art of song writing with the result of 14 albums and almost 200 songs recorded I feel deeply honoured by the Finnish Metal Awards "musician of the year" victory for the 2nd time in a row! It is easy to do well when you get to work with the best guys in the industry and have the best fans in the world!!! " The band’s results in detail are as follows: Band Of The Year 2011 - #7 Album Of The Year 2011 (Deathstar Rising) - #8 Vocalist Of The Year 2011 (Tuomas Saukkonen) – #7 Musician Of The Year 2011 (Tuomas Saukkonen) - #1 Album Artwork Of The Year 2011 (Deathstar Rising) - #7 (the full ranking can be found here: