BEHEMOTH played in Katowice and Wroclaw on October 15thand 16th. Though they’ve expected themselves to need a bit more to time to return to form, they seem to be ahead of their schedule so far. Nergal gives an update: "Things are goin’ better than expected. I was really thinking it’d take more time for us to adjust to live circumstances after such a long break. Surprisingly, we are catching up real fast. Shows in Katowice and Wroclaw belong to the best ones we’ve ever played in Poland! Both venues were completely sold out. I already can’t wait next round this coming weekend. Warsaw, be warned!" There are three more shows to play for BEHEMOTH over the course of their "Phoenix Rising" tour in Poland. Many more tour dates are being booked in addition to the "Full Of Hate" tour together with Cannibal Corpse through continental Europe from February to March 2012. Take a look at the atmospheric pictures below, taken by Krzysztof Wiktor, and keep yourselves updated through BEHEMOTH’s web appearances for details!