Polish black/death metal kings BEHEMOTH just confirmed their participation on 2012's edition of the up and coming Metalfest series in Europe! The gigs at Metalfest 2012 will mark the bands first open air shows since the cured leukaemia disease of guitarist / singer Nergal. The brand new video for the track „Lucifer“ off the bands 2009 opus „Evangelion“ can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXFjZvWgaeI Uncut version: http://vimeo.com/30017514 METALFEST 2012 dates: 31.05.-02.06.2012 Mining, Metalfest Austria 31.05.-02.06.2012 Dessau, Metalfest Germany/East 01.06.-03.06.2012 Jaworzno, Metalfest Poland 02.06.-05.06.2012 Zadar, Metalfest Croatia 05.06.-07.06.2012 Milan, Metalfest Italy 07.06.-09.06.2012 Loreley, Metalfest Germany/West 07.06.-10.06.2012 Pratteln, Metalfest Switzerland 08.06.-10.06.2012 Plzen, Metalfest Czech Republic