We all knew it before, but now it is official – BEHEMOTH's Nergal is METAL AS FUCK! The notorious mainman of Polish blackened death metallers BEHEMOTH received the „Metal As Fuck“ award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards past weekend in London. The award was handed over by none other than Alice Cooper. Commented Nergal: “Shit, I’m stoked! I couldn’t be more proud of any other award…METAL AS FUCK. What a combination of words! I love everything about Metal and I love everything about…yes, you’re right haha. Metal Hammer! You rule! BEHEMOTH truly appreciates all the support given! Fans, thank you for voting…We’ll be coming back to you shortly…rehearsals are starting early next week! I’m thrilled huh… Btw, I wanted to thank Jonathan for being a great host at this year’s Awards! Thank you brother! Ah, I could talk forever about how awesome times it was..I got to meet one of my all time heroes, Jess Coleman from KILLING JOKE…hung out with Jamie from HATEBREED, SUICIDE SILENCE guys, met Devin Townsend! (what a guy! Utmost respect!), Alan from PRIMORDIAL, Adam Sagir, Alex from Metal Hammer…Great times, great people…you all made my day. Bah! Did I mention it was ALICE COOPER himself handing me the award?;) Alice, your poison is running thru my veins…” A short video interview with Nergal at the Golden Gods Awards event can be viewed HERE!