Diabolical Death/Black Metal commando BELPHEGOR have just posted footage of the last rehearsals end of May 2012. A few days before Serpenth andMarthyn flew to Mana Studios, St. Petersburg, Florida to track the devastating bass guitars and blazing machine gun drums with producer Erik Rutan. This rehearsal footage offers a first impression of the brutality yet to be unleashed. Founder, frontman and guitarist Helmuth states: “Here are a few samples of the new soundcollages. We replaced the working titles, added the final ones on this re-worked trailer, which also shows a new track. Hell awaits!! For your viewing pleasure, “CONJURING THE DEAD”, the rehearsals: The track list for the new album reads as follows: I GASMASK TERROR II CONJURING THE DEAD III IN DEATH IV REX TREMENDAE MAJESTATIS V BLACK WINGED TORMENT VI THE EYES VII LEGIONS OF DESTRUCTION VIII FLESH, BONES AND BLOOD IX LUCIFER, TAKE HER! X PACTUM IN AETERNUM 'CONJURING THE DEAD' was recorded at Mana Studios in Florida under the direction of Eric Rutan. Three and a half years have past since the highly praised album 'Blood Magick Necromance' was released. BELPHEGOR are back to conquer - possessed, on fire and stronger than ever! The artwork was created by Greek artist, Seth Siro Anton who also painted the cover of ‘Pestapokalypse IV’ in 2006. The tenth studio album of one of the most bizarre and authentic bands in the world of Metal will be available as: - Digipak-Edition (CD+DVD) - Limited Mailorder Edition: Slime Pack (CD, Booklet + DVD) incl. exclusive Belphegor guitar pick - On Vinyl You can pre-order here: http://media.nuclearblast.de/shoplanding/2014/belphegor/belphegor-conjuring-the-dead.html 'CONJURING THE DEAD' will be unleashed on August 8th (EU/ North America) and August 11th (UK/FR) via Nuclear Blast.