The most popular dark horde hailing from Austria do not back down from anything and enjoy celebrating death/black metal art, which can’t be more murderous, provocatively and offensively. With their current, glorifying bloodwork entitled „Blood Magick Necromance”, this evil circle created a very special sort of demonism and reached to increase their ascendancy within the international extreme-metal-community significantly. Fire, pitch and sulphur… you have to see these guys live on stage! Be prepared for a diabolic scenario at EXTREMEFEST, which will be so shocking that you won’t ever forget! The band are currently working on new material and the new, as of yet untitled album for a tentatively slated late 2012 release will be the follow up to January 2011´s "Blood Magick Necromance“. "Amazing to have the opportunity to be creative again and compose a new album. I began the compositions in November 2011, after I had to spend five weeks in the hospital and 6 weeks in rehabilitation center, because of my health issues. I survived this hard trial, which still seems unreal. I'm not fully recovered, but feel way better now, I can say. Unfortunately we had to cancel all tours until June 2012, when we will get back on the road, and will start with some European open air rituals.“ HELMUTH „At this time, we don't feel the pressure of a hard touring schedule and all the rigors surrounding that, so we can concentrate and create these arrangements in a completely focused way and can even put more energy, blood and guts inside. We are working intensely on ten tracks. We are totally concentrated, you know ,the musick reigns above all. Magick. Its time for a new chapter!“ SERPENTH EXTREMEFEST 2012 will take place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the following dates: 5. July 2012 - 7. July 2012 DE – Hünxe, ExtremeFest Germany 5. July 2012 - 7. July 2012 AT – Salzburg, ExtremeFest Austria 5. July 2012 – 7. July 2012 CH – Pratteln, ExtremeFest Switzerland