On Tuesday Serpenth [bass devastator] and Marthyn [drums] fly over to US shores to start the drum recordings on Wednesday. Erik Rutan [Mana studios/ Florida, St. Petersburg] will be at the helm as producer. The recording sessions and mix/ mastering process are set for completion by mid October. Serpenth states: "All right, a new chapter. These are the last days before we hit the Mana studios in Florida. We're all set. The nine sound collages are faster and more aggressive than on the previous album, "BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE " . "The last rehearsals turned out fantastic. We get every arrangement to its highest audial potential. Added alot of new haunting and compelling structures/ rhythm parts and tritones intervals: tones that were forbidden by the damn church in middle ages. We're on fire. Expect more shredding, more magick, more of everything. " commented Helmuth. The release date of chapter #X is pushed back to January 2013 via Nuclear Blast records, worldwide. During the last six day rehearsal sessions the band shot some original visual impressions. Check it out here: www.belphegor.at/Session_Chapter_X_2012.htm (Thanks to bloodbrother Barth) BELPHEGOR will let you in on the progress being made and give you insight into the recording processes, reports will be posted on this site on a regular basis.