During the promotion cycle of their #1 album, »Lady In Gold«, BLUES PILLS hit the DEEZER headquarters last August and played a short live set. The recordings of said showcase have now been made available, exclusively through DEEZER. Surf to http://nblast.de/BluesPillsLiveAtDeezer to check it out! The band recently announced another European tour in March/April 2017! After touring successfully with »Lady in Gold« last year, the band is excited to play a lot of new territories in Spring 2017. Comments bass player Zack Anderson: "We are happy to announce we will be doing another tour through Europe in March 2017. We will be hitting new cities and countries where we didn't make it on our previous tour, and even some countries we've never been to at all! The list includes Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and Netherlands. We are excited to tie our touring shoe laces, unload our instrument cases, play in many beautiful places, and see some extraordinary new faces, people of all different ages...so we'll see you on the stages!”