Today, RIAA-certified, Billboard chart-topping, five-time Grammy nominated Richmond, VA band LAMB OF GOD are pleased to release their highly-anticipated full-length covers album as BURN THE PRIEST, »Legion: XX«, via Nuclear Blast Records [US: Epic Records]. The album is a collection of songs reflecting the greatness of the classic punk, hardcore, crossover and noise artists that influenced them in their formative years, released in celebration of BURN THE PRIEST's upcoming 20th anniversary. Order »Legion: XX« now, here: A few weeks back, BURN THE PRIEST dropped their invigorated cover of BIG BLACK's 'Kerosene'. Yesterday, they revealed a Zev Deans-directed music video for the track. Watch the incendiary new video now via . "Although Albini's lyrics for 'Kerosene' evoke small-town boredom, there is no geography more terrifying to me than the ever-spreading and soulless cookie-cutter sprawl of suburbia," says vocalist Randy Blythe. "After I suggested a suburban location for the 'Kerosene' video, director Zev Deans took it to the next level with visual nods to one of my favorite films, the classic punk flick »Suburbia.« I first saw this film in the 80's at the midnight movies at the Naro Theater in Deans' hometown of Norfolk, VA - yet another example of synergy at work. Enjoy!"