Disinterred British extreme metal legends CARCASS released 'Surgical Steel', their first studio album since their 1996 LP Swansong, last week! In celebration we sat Bill and Dan in front of a camera to ask them about the artwork for the new album, which you can watch here: The long-awaited sixth full-length album by CARCASS, is available on several collectible formats and can now be ordered here http://smarturl.it/SurgicalSteelCD . Press Feedback: „ALBUM OF THE MONTH“ Metal Hammer| Germany „ALBUM OF THE MONTH“ Rock Hard | Germany „ALBUM OF THE MONTH“ Legacy | Germany "The death metal album of the year." Decibel Magazine | USA „ALBUM OF THE MONTH“ Metal Hammer| Poland "There's no mistaking... It surely smells like Carcass!" Inferno | Finland “Carcass honed with surgical precision a grinding mass that fuses bloody guts of the past with a modern twist. A steel scalpel rips your brain. Ready to be dissected again.” Rock Hard | Italy “As if they had never been away, Carcass have sharpened their instruments and will still tear your face off! With surgical precision, of course.” Metal Hammer | Norway More on Surgical Steel: Track-by-track part 1: Track-by-track part 2: Track-by-track part 3: “Captive Bolt Pistol” lyric video: http://goo.gl/XJcNs4