The Norwegian metalers from COMMUNIC have uploaded the track “Destroyer of Bloodlines” to their brand new Facebook page for streaming. The song comes from their upcoming masterpiece entitled “The Bottom Deep” which is simply breath-taking. Surf to and listen to the new tunes of COMMUNIC. The music of the exceptional band from Norway includes many elements from various metal genres. Their grasp for variety of power, melody, and intelligent lyrics with a highly progressive musical approach made COMMUNIC one of the best newcomers for years! If you like progressiv metal, there is no way without COMMUNIC!! Guitarist and band mastermind Oddleif Stensland commented the new stuff: “Writing and recording this album has been an amazing - but strange experience. This time we took control over the production ourself, resulting in a more honest and organic sounding album. Never before have I put so much of my own personal influence and privacy into the lyrics and songs as this time. Right now I have a mixed feeling of fear and total excitement as we release the artwork and track listing for this new album. Now there is no return. To open myself this way, exposing my deepest and inner thoughts, in a way I have never done before. Its kinda strange, as it feels like these words and songs came from a part of me that I didn't know about. This is “The Bottom Deep”. This is the album that I never in my life thought I had to write – but now I know, this will be a totem in my life – forever!” Check out the first album trailer right here at the bottom! „The Bottom Deep“ will be released July 22, 2011!