In a recent conversation with, CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s guitarist & vocalist Mia Coldheart discusses the evolution of the band, their writing process, and her Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Amplifier (of course). This album is pretty much a straight-up rock ‘n roll album, but you started out as a punk rock band. Would you say that now you’re completely different from what you were when you started? It doesn’t feel like that if I think about our personalities and goals, because it’s always been the same. Our music just developed as well as we did. We started out as a punk rock band because we learnt to play where we met, really. We started with grunge and Nirvana kind of music, basic three-chord rock. From then on, we developed and discovered metal and just widened our tastes in music (laughs). So, I think it’s just a natural development. How does the writing work? Does everybody write their own parts? Actually, we all write, but it’s not always that we write our own parts. We can always write the others’ parts also (laughs). For example, our drummer Nicki is quite good at coming up with vocal melodies and guitar riff ideas that may be me and Klara wouldn’t come up with, because we have our own way of playing and singing. So it’s good to have different inputs. Everybody gives feedback and comes up with ideas. Some songs we wrote together in the rehearsal room, and some are just made from us sitting together as a whole band and recording on the computer, and stuff. So it varies. Sometimes it’s all four of us writing and at other times it’s only one. So would you say guitar playing comes more naturally to you than singing? At the beginning it was. It was really hard, and a lot of times I regretted that I started to sing, because all of a sudden I realized that I couldn’t stay up as long as the others. It just broke my voice if I partied too hard, you know. Check out the entire interview on! CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s third studio album and Nuclear Blast debut, The Midnight Chase, was recorded at the legendary Music-A-Matic Vintage Recording Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden and is due out in North America on July 31st. The pre-order is available on the Nuclear Blast USA Webshop. Track listing for The Midnight Chase is: 01 – The Crucifier 02 – Shut Your Mouth 03 – Into The Fire 04 – Rules And Bones 05 – Everything We Need 06 – If I Hide 07 – Rock Me Like The Devil 08 – Kid From The Upperclass 09 – The Midnight Chase 10 – Count Me In 11 – Rise And Shine 12 - Acid Rain (North American Bonus Track)