Holy red boots of She-Satan – as if this summer wasn’t hot enough already! CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s new video for “Rock Me Like The Devil” is brimming with fire and a classy Western theme thanks to the great directorial work by 11Frames Productions. Check out the beautiful evil here: http://youtu.be/tjL5apEyiig “Rock Me Like The Devil” is a track off the band’s third studio album, The Midnight Chase, released by Nuclear Blast in July. You can order the album from Nuclear Blast USA's Webshop, iTunes and Amazon.com. Formed in Stockholm in 1998 by bassist Ida Evileye and guitarist Klara Force, CRUCIFIED BARBARA play a fiery brand of rock 'n' roll tinged with metal and lashings of punk, pop, thrash, and whatever else dares to cross their path. Ida Evileye dominates her trusty Sandberg bass, Klara Force rocks steady on her ’76 Gibson Explorer, Mia Coldheart belts out her unapologetic vocals while riffing all over her Gibson Gothic Flying V, and Nicki Wicked pounds on her Yamaha Maple drum kit until you’re splayed across the floor with a bull’s-eye knock-out punch that’ll make you spit your teeth out. Now you know what happens when Motörhead mates with The Runaways. Hmph. Check out the video for the track “Into The Fire” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NpICwME2S4 A lyric video for “Everything We Need” is up on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel for your sing-along pleasure at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH8GwEsBWq0.