In a recent interview with, CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s frontwoman and Gibson Flying V-slinging guitarist Mia Coldheart discussed winning a celebrity horse-jumping contest competition at the Stockholm Horse show riding a bay horse named Carolus Rex. Watch video footage of her jumps at (you’re sure to recognize the music Mia was riding to!). Check out more photos of Mia riding at Watch a warm-up session at Sonic Cathedral: How long have you been riding? Mia: I started when I was nine, and went on until I was like, fifteen. Then I stopped because it took so much time … you know, being a teenager with school, starting my first band, boys and things. So I just quit, and I had been missing that for so many years. I basically quit because I wanted to play music. But then, luckily enough, the music got me back to the horses again. I was invited last fall, and I had to ride for six months. (Now I continue with another horse.) The music got me back into the life with horses again! Robin: From some of the YouTube videos, it looks like the Barbs have an absolutely riotous time together. Can you give us a sneak peek into the personalities of your bandmates? Mia: (laughs) We are all really good friends, and we’ve grown into being like one big person. [Guitarist] Klara Force is the one who is most organized, I would say. She is always the one who is taking care of us. Like when we fly, she takes all the passports, and is like: “Hey, come on! Get up.” Then we have [Bassist] Ida Evileye. I think she is the social one who really likes to speak to everyone and socialize. She is not afraid of making hard phone calls to tell someone to “fuck off” or something. (laughs) Then we have Nicki Wicked, she’s the clown. She is really an acrobat and makes everyone laugh all the time. She’s totally crazy, like drummers are! Read Sonic Cathedral’s entire interview at The Midnight Chase will be released tomorrow in North America and can be pre-ordered from the Nuclear Blast USA Webshop at Track listing for The Midnight Chase is: 01 – The Crucifier 02 – Shut Your Mouth 03 – Into The Fire 04 – Rules And Bones 05 – Everything We Need 06 – If I Hide 07 – Rock Me Like The Devil 08 – Kid From The Upperclass 09 – The Midnight Chase 10 – Count Me In 11 – Rise And Shine 12 - Acid Rain (North American Bonus Track) Formed in 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden, CRUCIFIED BARBARA play attitude-driven rock 'n' roll tinged with metal, punk, pop, and thrash. And yeah, they’re the most fun you’ll have this summer with your clothes still on. “Into The Fire” is the band’s latest video. Check out the lyric video for “Everything We Need” on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel at