In her recent interview with, CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s frontwoman & guitarist Mia Coldheart professed her love for her Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, reminisced about the band’s 2006 appearance at the Sweden Rock festival, and divulged details about the night she hit a wild pig with a rental car (!). Read the juicy details at CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s third studio album The Midnight Chase, was released yesterday in North America. Watch their video message to their U.S. fans at The Midnight Chase can be ordered from Nuclear Blast USA's Webshop, iTunes and The track listing is: 01 – The Crucifier 02 – Shut Your Mouth 03 – Into The Fire 04 – Rules And Bones 05 – Everything We Need 06 – If I Hide 07 – Rock Me Like The Devil 08 – Kid From The Upperclass 09 – The Midnight Chase 10 – Count Me In 11 – Rise And Shine 12 - Acid Rain (North American Bonus Track) Formed in 1998 in Stockholm, CRUCIFIED BARBARA will be performing their metal-tinged rock 'n' roll at music festivals in Switzerland, Germany, and France this August. You’ll stay up all night from the adrenaline rush of watching them play – guaranteed. “Into The Fire” is the band’s latest video. Check out the lyric video for “Everything We Need” on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel.