Legendary rocker GLENN DANZIG will make his highly anticipated appearance on the sixth season of the Emmy®-nominated comedy Portlandia on Thursday, February 11th. "Fred and Carrie are fantastic," commented Glenn about filming Portlandia. "I had a blast! Thanks to them and their whole team. They are another reason, along with Voodoo Doughnut and Powell's bookstore, that I dig Portland. The filming was a lot of fun. It was very last-minute, so I had to learn all my dialogue really quick, in like a few hours. Show co-creator, co-writer and co-star Fred Armisen e-mailed me and said, 'We've been trying to get in touch with you. We really, really want you to come up and do this episode.' Actually, Rob Zombie gave them my contact info, which is kind of weird because I met Fred at Rob Zombie's birthday party. [Laughs] He was a major DANZIG fan and I'm a fan of his work also. Fred is one of my favorite comedians, right up there with Andy Kaufman, Bill Murray, Jerry Lewis, stuff like that." Creators Fred and Carrie are long-time fans who have referenced Glenn in one of the sketches as well as filmed a video for Paper Magazine where the two are hanging out in front of his house. In the video, Carrie is reciting and singing the lyrics to "Bullet". Catch the video here: https://vimeo.com/10616310! In November 2015, DANZIG released the his latest full length album, Skeletons. A labor of love that began in 1979, the album pulls back the curtain on the artist¹s influences with a collection of ten covers spanning artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, ZZ Top, and Aerosmith to Black Sabbath, The Troggs, The Everly Brothers, and more. Recorded across several years in Los Angeles, he quite literally reveals the bone structure for his own style and features some of the most striking album art of his career. Nodding to David Bowie's Pin Ups, the cover features DANZIG and model Kayden Kross in Skullface. "These are my skeletons", he affirms. "You may or may not know that I dig these songs. You could say that some of this music is the actual basis and skeleton of what I listened to growing up, ultimately informing the kind of music I like. It's the foundation." Skeletons is available now. Order your copy of Skeletons here: nblast.de/DanzigSkeletonsNB