If you saw Lamb Of God on their recent spring tour through North America, then you undoubtedly experienced the face-melting set by Polish technical death metal band DECAPITATED, who were direct support each night. To help transport you back to the night you saw them, DECAPITATED’s brand new live performance video for the track “404” - off their current Carnival Is Forever album - is now available for viewing on YouTube: http://youtu.be/UIIrygLDfGA Formed in Poland in 1996 by guitarist Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka and younger brother/drummer Witold “Vitek”Kiełtyka when both were both barely in their early teens, DECAPITATED unleashed two self-released demos that would quickly cement their contributions to the genre of technical death metal. Their debut album Winds of Creation was released in the spring of 2000 and suddenly, DECAPITATED were hailed around the world as one of death metal's most promising bands. 2002’s second album, Nihility and 2004’s The Negation placed them at the forefront of a newly invigorated genre. After heavy touring, DECAPITATED released Organic Hallucinosis in 2006 featuring new frontman Covan, proving the new line-up could produce the same devastating music they’d become known for. Sadly, a tour accident in Belarus in 2007 claimed founding drummer Vitek’s life and left lead singer Covan permanently disabled. With the band & the world in mourning, fans around the world wondered if Vogg would ever make music again. In 2009, Vogg eased his way back into the live arena as a touring guitarist for fellow countrymen Vader. Two years passed before he would commit to the idea of resurrecting the band he started with his brother. After an exhaustive search, new members were announced in November of 2009… and after a long silence, the songwriting process began. The result, Carnival Is Forever, went on to debut at #11 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart in July 2011. Order Carnival Is Forever from the Nuclear Blast Webshop: http://smarturl.it/decapitatedCD