Yesterday, the cover artwork for DESTRUCTIONs brand new album “Day Of Reckoning” somehow leaked and surfaced on the internet. Today, German thrash legends officially announce both(!) cover artworks for the slipcase & booklet (the first limited edition of the album will not feature the bands logo on the booklet – the vinyl version and second pressing of the CD will show a red DESTRUCTION logo on it)! Commented mainman Schmier: “First of all, cause I hear the hardcore fans already complaining, the DESTRUCTION skull and the BUTCHER, can be found in the illustrated booklet of DAY OF RECKONING! The last man on earth, that faces the end of the world, the concept of the album had to have the most evil base with a striking eye-catching look! We decided to not use the classical Butcher-theme on the coverfront this time, cause this album needed a malicious look with symbols that express this strong title in the most bold and simple way! The story line will continue thru the whole coverart and booklet. Gyula a fantastic artist and metalfan from Hungary, was a great help for us with nailing down this concept. It's not the first time we worked with him, he illustrated all our latest releases! Like the band, he breathes, lives and understands the concept of a rather socially critical band like DESTRUCTION to the bone!” In addition, “Day Of Reckoning” is the first album to feature new drummer Vaaver (check out attached bandpic)! "The new guy behind the drumkit, the hard hitting but well-versed, 6feet & 6inch animal Vaaver, took his first album with us as a challenge: no other DESTRUCTION album has the fastness, the tightness and crazy doublebass & drum-fills as the DAY OF RECKONING! That's for fuckin' sure!" Schmier states. Read the tracklist for „Day Of Reckoning“ below. Ltd Slipcase: 01. The Price 02. Hate Is My Fuel 03. Armageddonizer 04. Devil’s Advocate 05. Day Of Reckoning 06. Sorcerer Of Black Magic 07. Misfit 08. The Demon Is God 09. Church Of Disgust 10. Destroyer Or Creator 11. Sheep Of The Regime 12. Stand Up And Shout (Ltd Edition Bonus Track) “Day Of Reckoning” will be unleashed on February 18, 2011 via Nuclear Blast!