Legendary German thrashers DESTRUCTION have just released their 30-years-anniversary album “Spiritual Genocide” today. When Rock Hard Germany calls the anniversary album »Spiritual Genocide« “the most diversified DESTRUCTION record of the post-re-union phase“, it doesn’t only reflect the overall press reception perfectly, which ecstatically sways between joy at the presented trademark aggression and surprise in view of the atmospherically grooving parts, but also takes the exact line that Schmier and his band mates had in mind. The press agrees: Metal Hammer (D), Rating 6/7 Rock Hard (D), Rating 8/10 Legacy (D), Rating 14/15 Metal.de, Rating 8/10 Stormbringer.at, Rating 4/5 Lords Of Metal (NL), Rating 91/100 Metal Factory (CH), Rating 9.5/10 Check out the video clip of the brand new song “Carnivore” here: http://youtu.be/sc5rWOuxITY Get your copy in the Nuclear Blast Shop: http://bit.ly/SeR46Z The Itunes (album incl. booklet) you get here: http://bit.ly/DesSpiGen Be assured: No matter how fast you’ll run – the Mad Butcher will eventually get you all!