Belgian dark rock outfit DIABLO BLVD has just launched 2 brand new music videos. 'Animal' and 'Sing From The Gallows' are the first 2 singles taken from the highly awaited new album, »Zero Hour«, which is scheduled worldwide for September 22th, 2017 via Nuclear Blast. Today, Guitar World premieres the guitar playthrough for 'Sing From The Gallows' by Tim Bekaert. Check out the video HERE! Vocalist Alex Agnew comments about the album: “We spent almost a year writing and preproducing the album. The actual recording took about a month. We definitely had an idea about how the album was supposed to sound and we tried very much to stick to our original idea of a dark, moody yet aggressive album. The fact that we are also living in troubled times politically, socially and economically has also had a heavy influence on the sound and lyrics of the record. The turn of the century and a new millennium usually signals great change and upheaval, and right now it feels like the world is holding it's breath before taking a jump into the unknown. That breath is »Zero Hour«.” More on »Zero Hour«: 'Animal' [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]: 'Animal' [Drum Playthrough]: 'Sing From The Gallows' [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]: In addition, »Zero Hour« is now available for pre-order. Pre-order the jewel case via NB Mailorder: Or get the digital version here: Or get the gatefold LP and other exclusives in the DIABLO BLVD webshop: