How is today’s German Culture perceived, not only by the European community but also by the many German citizens? Once quizzed, the answers seem so simplistic: DSDS, Dieter Bohlen, Lena or one of the many Casting-Shows on German TV. Our land has certainly seen better days! But they do exist, those truly creative geniuses who master their musical craft and treat their lyrical mastery more than just a verbal wasteland. These are artists who have something substantial to express, who live their lives with a critical eye on the present, who dissect all their positive and negative world experiences. The truth is that Germany has a lot more to offer than simple bubble-gum entertainment. One of these artists is the band DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER from Weimar. Last Friday marked the release of their newest masterpiece, “Morality & Insanity”. The album immediately entered the German charts in the Top 20. This represents the band’s biggest success to date. They flatter, confuse, question, reflect…. They offer courage, they stir emotions… They entertain with unbelievable ease; they are true messengers for a new era… German bands do posses an astonishing sense for Zeitgeist. Back in 1990, it was the Scorpions who sang about “Wind of Change”. Today, squeezed between the revolutions in the Arab Territories and falsified works by a doctor, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER have released their new album “Morality & Insanity”. As it entered the charts on #18, it signaled the band’s biggest chart debut in their history. PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT ALBUM OF THE YEAR! Insanity is Fantasy… Morality A Dry Shot “A pile of rubble is the home of those who have too much imagination, too much passion. An idea that serves the truth and the benefit for all humanity is the biggest enemy of the powerful in charge…” – Fuchs (DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER) Insanity is freedom, morality is dictatorship. Do we really want to be free? Insanity with morality? How is it that a state who has supported a Dictator in the Arab Word for over 30 years can claim morality? Can human rights be driven and controlled by money? Does it make sense for the church to rule out condoms? Why are we damned to grow and endlessly expand to produce materialistic things? Do we need to become efficient and soulless? Why do we destroy all that is our basis to live? Are lies easier to hear that the truth? Do we even have truth with no lies? Morality or Insanity… is it just a point of view? Can we marry many wives, can we kill and steal? Is morality of the masses a free pass for the insanity of its rulers? Are our brains just soft tissues that can be formed and shaped as pleased? Do we hate our children? Their music may we wild and challenging, yet their lyrics are an open book to their message. They are a truthful reflection on the problems of our times to alert our children and to learn from our past. What kind of world do we want to leave behind? “You are the hope of this world”, - DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER.