NUCLEAR BLAST are proud to announce that the new masterpiece of German metal superstars DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, »Der Rote Reiter«, entered the official German album charts at #10. Congratulation, boys! The band states: "#10 in the official German album charts. That's unbelievable. Although the end is near, »Der Rote Reiter« reigns and accompanies you on your way to extinction. Thanks Reitermaniacs for your loyalty and your never-ending support. Thanks to our team and our record label. Our official band anthem, 'Reitermania' (2000), couldn't be more appropriate: "Standing together side by side, ready for the final battle, only together we are strong, in the name of heavy metal." And now let's go crazy all together and forget the world out there. »Ein Reiter steigt vom Himmel« - the official tour in support of our new record kicks off at the end of October. Liberty is a duty and it's calling you!" Order »Der Rote Reiter« now: Order »Der Rote Reiter« digitally: