DORO once again lives up to her reputation as one of the hottest and hardest working touring acts in today's rock'n'roll circus. In a week's time, the party is getting started in Los Angeles on the Megacruise Metal ship! And in November, the "Forever Warriors, Forever United" Winter Tour 2019 will bring DORO back to Europe. In addition to this, she celebrates a home game in Dusseldorf as "Very Special Guest" of the big SAXON anniversary show on March 7, 2020! But that's not all: today, the Metal Queen announced part 2 of her European tour, where she will rock half a dozen more German and Austrian cities in March / April 2020. "We have a great album in our luggage, a great back catalog and our loyal fans who love us as just much as we love them. There's nothing better than going on tour with the boys and rocking a different city every night!", explains DORO, always staying true to the motto of her latest hit album: "Forever Warriors - Forever United"! Get your copy of "Backstage To Heaven" here: Also order »Forever Warriors // Forever United« here: